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The Guitar - a composer's primer

    The guitar has understandably intimidated many composers who wish to composer for it. As the classical guitar is capable of performing several voices/parts simultaneously as the piano,
we must be intimately familiar with the fretboard in order to determine where to play a given tone as there are duplicate fingerings of virtually every pitch. Simply determining whether the instrument can produce a given chord/group of tones simultaneously can be frustrating.

     While composers may certainly seek instruction on the instrument or seek assistance from a friend or colleague, modern technology is clearly capable of providing additional tools.

    The PDF file/fingering template linked below is a full-sized representation of the guitar fretboard. It was created in hopes of offering composers interested in writing for the guitar an easy pitch referance and practical fingering guide. It may be freely distributed for educational purposes.

    VERY IMPORANT: This page must be printed on Ledger sized (11x17) paper - It was drawn to scale with Finale 2000. It can be viewed and printed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

     Guitar Fingering Template - to Print

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